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Sunday, July 15, 2007

A slow start--A hectic end

Banded Demoiselle and friend
A morning visit to Deeping Lakes was so devoid of activity that I had to resort to taking pictures of Damselflies. The real excitement started mid afternoon when the presence of a DARK-EYED JUNCO was reported at Langham, Norfolk. Hour and a half later we were at house No.10 with about forty others standing like sardines on a very small patio designed for a family of four. One hour later we were still standing like guardsmen all looking into the sun onto a small lawn still looking for a small dark bird--oh to stretch out and move around. After a while you get fed -up with being prodded with scopes and banged with back-packs. All this was forgotten, however, when some one announced the The Bird was at No. 6. A mass exodus occured; even if you didn't want to go the crowds momentum carried us along.On arrival at No.6 which was as compacted as No.10 even before we arrived all we could see was a bank of very excited six foot birders. Even before we had chance to carve out a viewing hole one of the six foot birders pronouced The Bird had flown over the fence---ie back to No.10. Back we went, this time however we were at the back of the throng instead of in the front row. 'There it is' was the cry. So forgetting any etiquette or decorum we had to recall our rugby scrummaging technique and force our way to the front, yet again. And there it was the little dark drab beauty feeding on the lawn! Another life tick and a happy end to a hectic end of the day

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