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Friday, June 18, 2010

Green Woodpecker

Our Green Woodpecker Nestling.
Although we believed the parents had been discouraged from nesting in their recently excavated nest hole, it was with much surprise that the above was spied yesterday afternoon.
My attention was drawn by a cacophony of calls from both parents in the surrounding trees and also from the weaker but as insistent noise from the single( I think) chick.
The adults obviously thought it was time for the nest to be vacated but baby Woody thought differently.
By 3.00pm today the chick(s) still had not fledged. It's head was still appearing from time to time but strangely no sounds were being made and also no signs of the parents!
The photographs took a good hour to capture for not only did I have to wait for the head to protrude but also for the wind to be of the correct strength and direction to uncover the nest hole from the encroaching leaves.

1 comment:

  1. How marvelous to be able to get such good images after waiting so long...I know that feeling with the hawk nest. I wonder why the parents did not call for it today. Keep us informed, hopefully they will cheer it out over the weekend. Maybe they continued to feed it today and let it rest and gain strength~