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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hudsonian Whimbrel

Hudsonian Whimbrel, Pagham Harbour, West Sussex.

Only the 12th record of this Mega Wader since 1974.

This life tick goes nicely with the Paddyfield Warbler last Friday at Blakeney Point.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The following images are a photographic record in chronological order of a trip to the Picos de Europa Mountains in NW Spain in late May and early June 2015.

Just under a hundred Bird Species were recorded including on a personal note three target Birds----Wallcreeper, White-winged Snowfinch and Alpine Accentor.

We were based in the village of Espinama close to the Cable Car access to the high Mountains at Fuente De. Tours, both North and South, of the High peaks were made once the Target Birds had been seen.

Our Starting Point

Nature is Cruel,Picos de Europa, May 2015

A gruesome start to the photographic collection.

Suggestions please on Species

Rock Lizard,Picos de Europa, May 2015

Rock Lizard, NW Spain

Snowfinch,Picos de Europa, May 2015

White-winged Snowfinch, NW Spain

Water Pipit,Picos de Europa, May 2015

Water Pipit, NW Spain

Glenville Fritillary,Picos de Europa, May 2015

Glenville Fritillary, NW Spain

Alpine Choughs,Picos de Europa, May 2015

Alpine Choughs, NW Spain

Scene from the Picos,Picos de Europa, May 2015

The High Picos Mountains, home of the Wallcreepers, Alpine Snow Finch and Alpine Accentors

A view down to the start of the Cable Car

Not for the faint hearted!

The Cable Car wires can just be seen

A sudden transformation to blue skies after travelling through the high clouds

At Cloud Level!

Rock Bunting,Picos de Europa, May 2015

Rock Bunting, NW Spain

Chaffinch, Picos de Europa, May 2015

Spanish Chaffinch, NW Spain

Rock Formation,Picos de Europa, May 2015

One for the Geologists.

Limestone formation in the Picos Mountains

Alpine Accentor,Picos de Europa, May 2015

Alpine Accentor, NW Spain

Stonechat,Picos de Europa, May 2015

Stonechat, NW Spain

Picos de Europa, May 2015

Cold but Bright

The Weather not me!